Fecupral, s.r.o. provides the transport of not only other materials but also of hazardous waste, both solid and liquid.

In order to prevent public health and the environment from a risk, it is necessary to comply with strict rules set out by Law of NR SR No 58/2012 Coll., on the Road Transport Law. The Law fully implements the European ADR Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Waste collection as well as transport are provided through wide range of modern  collection and transportation technology which conforms to the requirements of ADR.  Our rolling stock is mainly constituted by hook and chain loading superstructures with press superstructures or hydraulic arms. Liquid waste, especially oils are transported in tanks.

Fecupral, s.r.o. can also provide its clients with various types of collection containers as well as rental of containers – starting from open bulk containers (5, 7, 10 m3 by volume) through flexible closable containers (20, 30, 36 m3 by volume) to pressing containers with additional stationary or built- in mobile press.