Metals - Fecupral


Recycling of ferrous metals has nowadays become an integral part of steel production. If compared to iron ore production and its subsequent treatment, the use of secondary raw materials reduces not only the economic and time-consuming nature of production process but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions, as well as energy and water consumption. Today, almost 40 % of the world’s steel output is produced from recycled ferrous scrap.

The great advantage of non-ferrous metals is that they do not degrade or lose their original chemical or physical properties in the recycling process. As a result, non-ferrous metals have an enormous capacity of uses and since their resources are finite, it is of a great importance that waste is collected, processed and recovered in the production process.

Steel automobile frames contain

at least 25% recycled steel.

A typical household appliance 

is made of 75% recycled steel.”