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Plastics, also called polymers, are manufactured mainly from petroleum and most plastic waste is not biodegradable. Due to the broad spectrum of plastics as well as their chemical composition, it is necessary to use a great number of technologies and procedures when recycled. Proper sorting into categories enables effective recycling of plastic, what not only significantly reduces energy consumption and emissions, but above all, the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills.

Recycling process of plastics consists of their mechanical and chemical treatment. The most important part of this process is a thorough manual and mechanical sorting. Pressing or crushing of plastic material increases economic efficiency of transport from sorting plant to recycling facility. Once the plastic waste reaches recycling company, it is cleaned, milled and subsequently either melted or made into granulate prepared for dispatch to manufacturers of new plastic products.


1 ton of plastic bottles

would save

1.5 ton of carbon.”